[ITM] c't Shariff Social Buttons 3.0.1


  • Fixed SEO friendliness by adding rel="nofollow" to all button links.
  • Fixed Telegram service not opening in a popup.
  • Added czech translations.
  • Removed G+ counter from documentation and demo.
  • Fixed handling of `data-mail-subject.
  • Fixed crashes occuring if HTML document is missing a valid `<title> tag.
  • Fixed typo in documentation.
  • Improved distinguishability of reddit icon.
  • Improved translations and translation documentation.
  • Added smaller share button variants.
  • Added Flipboard service.
  • Updated Font Awesome to version 5 (free 1.0.3).
  • Improved default service list documentation.
  • Fixed compatibility with Bootstrap 4.
  • Fixed reddit icon.
  • See changes @heiseonline/shariff